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Trekking in Sinharaja Rain Forest

We enter to the UNESCO world heritage Sinharaja through Deniyaya.Since then you will be able to experience the beauty of the natural forest and the animal varieties and the different varieties of plants and various rare species of Sinharaja.During the travel you can get many experience and knowledge of its outstanding rivers, plant and animal varieties.The travel is begun in Deniyaya(Pitadeniya) entrance and will span across a distance of about km 14 where you can get an unforgettable experience. The veteran guide Bandula Rathnayaka with more than 20 years of experience in tourism will guide our guests in this journey. All the tourists will get a chance to bathe in beautiful waterfalls, see endemic animal and plants and experience fish therapy. Sinharaja tropical rain forest is one of the most beautiful natural living heritage sites in Sri Lanka.

Bird Watching

The forest site spans an area of 900 hectares is a natural habitat for numerous bird species. Large indigenous bird species and migratory bird species can be viewed on the Sinharaja rain forest and it has about 147 bird species.


Sinharaja Forest Reserve is bordering three districts of the island, which are namely Galle, Matara and Ratnapura and it is a biodiversity hotspot in Sri Lanka.Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, plants and animal varieties enhance the value as well as the beauty of the forest.By travelling with us you will be able to get to the places which are rich in biodiversity. We visit the impressive mountain ranges so that the tourists can climb the mountains and get a precious experience. “Lion Rock” which has several legends about it, is one such mountain that we are climbing in the journey. This can be taken as one of the most tourist attracted mountains in the forest. This journey through beautiful mountain ranges is indeed will be a great experience for you.

Fish Therapy

The water bodies of Sinharaja provide a natural habitat for many different fish species. These water systems consists rare and valuable fishspecies. During the journey the tourists can get a fish therapy by them without any additional cost. Thus the fish therapy in natural water sources can provide you physicalrelaxation and mentalpeace of mind.

Swimming in Waterfalls

Here the rain falls all over the year and the Sinharaja rain forest has large number of waterfalls and rivers. These water bodies consists cool pure water which flows across medicine plants and woods. The tourist can bathe from this water so that they can get a physical and mental satisfaction as well as a perfect spot for cooling off. Many tourists come to the forest, love to bathe in the waterfalls.